As I was going through the morning routine of checking my Facebook feed I am came across a post from one of our awesome fans Tara Petar, at first I couldn’t believe what I was reading when it said Paper Mache and I just have to share it with you all!

This incredible creation is indeed made from Paper Mache and is the wonderful work of  “Dan the Monster-man” who creates the most amazing things from such a simple medium it is mind blowing!

From Dan’s Blog:
First, some background.   I was asked by a man who lives in France to make a dragon trophy of “Maleficent”, the dragon from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”.   The first photos below are what I was supposed to use as a guide.  He wanted a trophy that was as close a rendition of the cartoon as possible, including the lights.   You would think that the simple lines would make this an easy task.  But it wasn’t easy at all.  It was quite a challenge, which I relished.   I wanted to make the dragon that the cartoon would be based upon.  But I couldn’t improvise very much without straying too far from the original drawings.   And the lights were even a bigger challenge.    Obviously I couldn’t get lights that would blast out of the mouth, eyes, and nose exactly like the cartoon.   And the dragon had to look decent when the lights were turned off.

I’m very proud of these eyes.  I used glass, taxidermy elephant eyes.  I used a grinder to grind off almost all of the paint.  I just fashioned a couple of slits for dragon pupils.  That made them kind of frosted so you can’t see the l.e.d. lights behind them when the lights are off.  And they look fine in contrast with the black and blue colors of the dragon.     When the lights are on you just see the green lights and the pupils.

Dan does take commissions however as they are very labour intensive he can only do a few a year and they do come at quite a cost, but saying that they are all one of a kind and stunning pieces of art so if you have an idea email him! If you fancy having a go at making something like this yourselves he has also written a number of how to books which are available on Amazon!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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