If you have been following our UK VInylmation updates over the past few days you will know about the Furry Friends Fiasco that hit US stores. It seems that Disney are being very pre-cautious and have now taken all Furry Friends from the shelves in its UK stores as well as the online store. It’s a big blow for UK Vinylmation as this seemed to be the launch of the product in this country. It is also a shame as this was designed to help raise funds for Great Ormand Street.

Disney have been swift to try and appease Disney fans and we have been given official confirmation that as of tomorrow, guests in UK stores and, as far as we know, online will be able to start collecting the new Animation 2 series. This hs been brought forward from the 27th January release and means they will be coming out in the UK on exactly the same date as the US!

Great news on the Vinylmation front for the UK. But we would be interested to hear what you think about Furry Friends. Did you think the quality was that poor and are you planning on returning them or keeping them. Disney are still unsure if they are going to re-release the set and they could become a very rare item. Either way, get yourselves to the store early tomorrow and grab yourself some Animation Vinyl! If you want to see the new series in more detail, head over to our previous post on Animation 2