In an article from the Daily Mail (I know what you are thinking), they have reported that those of us that travel to Disneyland Paris from the UK are being charged up to £500 more for an identical holiday than the French. During their investigations, the newspaper discovered that the largest price difference occurred between 20th-24th June for a family of four staying for four nights.


This is a problem that we have discovered in Disneybrit and in the past we have discovered that US guests can sometimes pay more than the UK or French. So, we did some research too to see if the Daily Mail really is accurate. We took a mid range hotel (Hotel Cheyenne) and compared the prices between the UK and French site using the current exchange rate (1.22)

We started with tickets alone. We choose the same tickets on both the UK and French site and found that for a 2 day, 2 park ticket for a family of four (2 adults and 2 children aged 7) entering the park on the 9th June costs:

UK £442

France 553 EUR (£431.19)

So, on tickets alone, a UK family is paying nearly £11 more for the same experience.

Next, let’s take a look at a family package at the hotel Cheyenne. This time, it’s for the same family but includes park tickets and accommodation. I’ve based this on a 2 night stay as this is quite often what I would do with my family on a trip.

9th-11th June

UK: £713

France: 747.60 Eur (£608)

The UK family pays £105 more for exactly the same package


7th-9th July

UK: £795

France: 952 EUR (£774)

The UK family pays £21 more for the same package


28th-30th July

UK: £852

France: 1019.20 Eur (£829)

The UK family pays £23 more for the same package.


18th-2oth August

UK: £884.80

France: 1057.60 (£860)

The UK family pays £24 more for the same package.


8th-10th September

UK: £847.40

France: 854 EUR (£695)

The UK family pays £152 more for the same package.


27th-29th October (UK Half Term)

UK: £1050.70

France: 1057 EUR (£860)

The UK family pays £190 more for the same package.


So, it seems that the difference in price is a little hot and miss. Most of the days we picked at random do seem to have a slight difference, even during the peak summer months. It does seem that the price does change, particularly as we get further into the year. But have we found the massive £500 difference between the two prices? No and to be honest we aren’t surprised. So, to make sure, kets compare the prices ourselves and see how far apart we get.

20th-24th June

UK: £1066

French: 1393 EUR (£1133)

The UK family pay £67 less for the same package

So, what have we discovered? Two things mainly.

1. The prices between the two sites does fluctuate and it is worth checking both the UK and French site and booking with whichever is the cheapest. Whether that be online or on the phone.

2. That the Daily Mail’s journalist should be sacked. End of. 


Your thoughts?





By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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