The renaissance is over! After a run of 18 months, Captain EO will one again retire to the vault. The show, which made its comeback in June 2010, was warmly received by Disney and Michael Jackson fans but it seems that the general public were enamoured enough for it to become a long running fixture. We believed Cast Member were informed of its closure this week but it is unknown if there will be a new replacement of if the outdated Honey, I Shrunk the Audience will make a return to the park.

It is interesting to see that the closure coincides with the resort’s 20th anniversary celebrations beginning at the same time. The film, originally created for an 1986 and still one of the most expensive films made per minute, ran on a limited opening schedule since the end of Summer 2011.

If you never got chance to see the revival then why not enjoy it below

Or enjoy it in full 3D glory

WHat do you think? Are you pleased to see it’s going and do you want Honey, I Shrunk the Audience to return?