Is this a vision of not only what we expect to see in Disneyland Paris in the next month but also what we expect to see in Walt Disney World very soon. The guys at Disney Central Plaza have been searching around the Chessy Town Hall and have once again come up with some great finds surrounding the new Princess meet and greet. Not only that, it seems the concept art is looking very similar to what is currently being built.

Although much of the meet and greet location is still surrounded by construction fences the roof is certainly protruding over the top and from a photo taken this week by InsideDLP

The colour and roof shape looks remarkably similar don’t you think? Not only that but the two archways are also in place and so are the brackets for the new sign. Not only do we have a clear picture of what the outside will look like but we can also take a look at the layout of the new attraction.

For those of you that are familiar with the old it’s a small world pre-show, you will be able to see how it uses the same path but in the opposite direction. The old exit will become the entrance and as guests enter they will be able to look down on the princess below. The green area is elevated with the yellow path indicating the ramp down to the ground floor. It seems that there will be four Princesses on at any one time indicated by the red areas in the centre but this is only a guess. By all accounts, this will not be a large area and could become quiet cosy on a busy day.

But what are we expected to see inside. Although Disneyland Paris have not officially released any particular details about the interior we have concept art that suggest a similar set up to the rotating meet and greets already in operation in Walt Disney World.

These concept drawings help us to guess that the four archways in the red area of the layout plan show the archways occupied by Princesses. The beauty of this simple set up means it would be very easy to swap Princesses in and out maybe over time or even during the day. Again, this is pure guess work but might not have to be for much longer. We are anticipating the opening to be somewhere around 8th October 2011.

What about photos we here you ask? Do not fear as Disney have already thought about that too! You will be allowed to take in your own cameras and Disney photographers will even take pictures with your equipment. Expect the official photographers to be snapping away with their Wi-fi equipped digital cameras so that your photos will be winging their way to the photo sales point as you exit. They will also be heading to the Main Street Camera Centre for you to view them later in the day.

What do you think?

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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