Day 11 seems to have come around so quickly. It doesn’t seem possible that we are nearing the end of our Mediterranean adventure aboard the Disney Magic but with only a few days remaining we visit the final port of call for the cruise, Valetta in Malta. Today, was also the hottest day of the trip so far with the mercury due to hit 38 degrees. With that in mind we decided an early trip in to Valetta was the best way forward. Harry, once again, didn’t fancy the trip so we dropped him off at the club and headed ashore. It was a nice surprise to see several of the characters on the dock saying hello.

The ship was docked fairly close to the town although it does require a good few steps to get to the top. We considered the walk up but due to the temperature already being pretty high and it was on,y 9am, we decided to jump on board an open sided electric vehicle that would take us right to the city centre for 6€. The driver explained that the city centre was decorated as they were celebrating St Dominic (or something like that) and we found the town adorned with drapes all the way down the main street.

As it was Sunday most of the shops were still closed and would open after 10am. Malta is less expensive than most of the other ports we visited. Having jumped off the electric car we bought a bottle of water from a nearby stall for 60c, much cheaper than anywhere else. A coffee in a street side cafe would set you back between €1.50-€2. We made the decision to begin to head back to the ship as the temperature was beginning to rise. A return via electric car was going to cost us €8 but as it was mostly downhill we decided to walk back. Thankfully, it was only 15 or so minutes and the relief of the ship’s air conditioning was more than welcome.

Luckily, we were back on ship in time for the afternoon Disney Trivia Quiz and then picked up a counter service lunch. The afternoon was spent hanging around the quiet cove pool as no matter how hard we tried to extract Harry from the Oceaneer’s Lab it just wasn’t happening. The evening would soon be upon us but we chose not to see the illusionist in his main stage show and instead I would try my hand at the Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz. This was billed as the hardest quiz of all and for really hardened Disney fans. One entertainment cast member told me that she had never seen anyone score more than 10 out of 25 before so the pressure was on. Luckily, I won with 22 out of 25, phew!!

Dinner was back at Lumiere’s were it was themed to the Captain’s Gala Dinner. Another good menu and a good evening.

Tomorrow brings our final day aboard the Disney Magic as we enjoy a day at sea on our way back to Barcelona.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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