This will probably be one if the shortest eateries in our cruise review because it was the most uneventful so far. The day began at 8.15 when the duty officer paid our room a visit via the tannoy in our room to kindly tell us that we were refuelling and there were no open flames or cigarettes allowed. This prompted us to get up and make our way (slowly) to breakfast. We arrived at Parrot Cay around 10.15, just before the buffet closed and grabbed something to eat. Queue bacon, waffles, chocolate milk and doughnuts (yes, really!)

As we hadn’t disembarked the previous day and had no intention on taking a 6 year old on a 10 hour excursion to Rome we opted to take a wander through the town of Civitavecchia. As its a Sunday the shops were a little hit and miss. A souvenir shop here, cafe there but many shops were shut. We did stumble upon the town’s archeological museum and as it was free ventured in. It was full of unearth poetry, statues and tablets covered with Latin, for a free museum it was pretty interesting and resulted in Harry for to compare the vases to something from Hercules.

After an hour or so and a stop to pick up some local tat from the souvenir shop we hopped aboard the complimentary shuttle back to the ship. Once on board it was an afternoon of swimming, eating, kids club and once agin, Cruisin’ for Trivia (we won with 25 out of 25) and came away with Disney Cruise Line key rings.

Around 5pm, Harry was collected from the Oceaneer’s Lab. As we left, we bumped in to Peter Pan who preceded to speak to Harry. He didn’t seem keen and after we left the conversation went something like this:

“Dad, don’t let him speak to me again.”
“Why not”
“Because he’s weird”
“Why is he weird?”
“Because he can fly”

I suppose he has a point. He did ask Harry if he’d found any pixie dust in the gift shop ashore!

Tonight’s entertainment in the Walt Disney Theatre was a 3D screening of Monster University. We’d purposely not been to see it before the cruise and I must say it was a pretty good film. Not a patch on the original but another good movie to add to the library.

Dinner followed and tonight was back in Lumieres. The theme was Mediterranean dishes and the while table agreed that this was the weakest menu so far. Food wasn’t the best. I ordered the battered soft shell crab and it was pretty much the crab battered whole! Tomorrow night sees the show dinner in Animator’s Palette, good news!

There was no partying tonight as tomorrow sees an early start. Our excursion to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast leaves at 7.45. I’m to looking forward to the 6.30 alarm call!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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