Disney Brit Bite Size

Welcome to our new spin off podcast. The idea behind this show is to focus on 1 topic and talk it over.

Join Adam and Alan as the talk about The 4 main park icons.
We start off the topic by re playing our sketch from Disney Brit show 154. The concept behind the sketch was based upon the major news of the time “removing the sorcerers hat from Hollywood studios.”
We look at the Icons, their construction, their importance and their appearances.
We’d like to Thanks Alex Duncan for joining us in the sketch, Alex is a writer for Touring Plans.
Join us every 2 weeks on the Bite Size podcast and Every other week over on the Disney Brit podcast
Visit our website at www.disneybrit.com
We’d finally like to thanks you for downloading and hope you enjoy the podcast. Please submit your reviews to itunes and let us know any feedback.
Email us at radio@disneybrit.com

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