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Welcome to the Disney Brit Podcast Show 152.

Today you can join Adam, and Alan for the usual Disney Chat…. Hang on wait a second there is something different this week!
Join Jim Hill and Jim Korkis in a head to head battle to find out the ultimate question.
Who would win in a fight between Jim Hill and Jim Korkis?
Our light hearted take on this battle is spread of 7 rounds.
We would like to thank everyone that has helped us over the past year and 2014 has been amazing for the Disney Brit Podcast, our team has changed in size and direction, but we have continued to create a regular podcast every 2 weeks.
We also found out that we were in the top 10 podcasts in our category on podbean
Special Thanks to Big Fat Panda for helping us out on our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sketch.
Check out his youtube channel over at www.bigfatpanda.com
Our extended family of children. Thanks for submitting your audio this year, the kids section has become one of the most popular sections we have added, we’ll continue with them in the new year. In Show 152 we need to thank Harry Goodger, Abigail and Imogen Hooper, Jake Walker and Elia and Laith Coathup. Thanks for your major contribution in this battle.
Finally the show wouldn’t have happened with out Jim Korkis and Jim Hill.
Jim Korkis is a Disney Historian, author and font of all knowledge. Over the past few years he has released several books including the Vault of Walt 1, 2 and 3. Check out his catalogue on Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jim-Korkis/e/B000APY7BS
Jim Hill is a Theme Park Historian and the go to man for all theme park information and the inside scoop. Visit his website at Jimhillmedia.com
The 2 have done them selves proud in this clean battle of the giants.
If you would like to join in any of the interactive sections of the show send us an email to radio@disneybrit.com
Finally we’d like to thanks our show sponsors

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Orlando Attraction Tickets have joined us as sponsors

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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