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Officials are searching for a female Disney Wonder cruise ship crew member who has been missing since Tuesday.

“We have also conducted a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the ship and spoken with the crew member’s colleagues to gather as much information as possible,” a Disney Cruise Lines statement indicated.

The Disney Wonder, which sailed out from the Port of Los Angeles, has been on a seven-night cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

Disney Cruise Lines spokeswoman Rena Langley said the Mexican Navy is conducting the search. The U.S. Coast Guard and the FBI also is assisting. The Bahamian Maritime Authority is investigating the incident.

Langley said the crew member, who has been with the cruise line since 2010, never returned for her scheduled shift. She did not identify the missing woman.

It’s unclear if she fell overboard, but Langley said it’s “certainly a possibility.”

“Given the circumstances, we are very concerned about this situation and are doing everything possible to assist with the search effort and investigation,” Disney officials said.

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Rebecca Coriam. Do you know her or her whereabouts?

The UK new group, the BBC have reported that the missing Cast member is 24 year old Rebecca Coriam from Chester UK. The Mexican Navy have been helping with the search but due to it being international waters and the ship registered to the bahamas, the FBI are unable to get involved. Stephen Mosley, the Conservative MP for Chester, and officials from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have been liaising with her family.

A representative from the FCO has said “A British national has been reported missing in Mexico. We are providing consular assistance with the family and are in touch with the relevant organisations and authorities.”

It is believed that members of the Bahamas Maritime Authority will be meeting the ship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Friday.

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