Disney Junior Live! has just had it’s update. Officially open to guests on 15th of Feb 2013.

The update has made some alterations to the line up. Don’t worry the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still there (strange huh?). Handy Manny has laid down his tools and made a new stage for Princess sofia the first. While the Little Einstein’s have zoom zoom zoomed away and left an Egg McMuffin. I mean Doc McStuffin.

Personally I was never a Little Einstein’s fan, however Handy Manny I could relate to. It was the in road for most children to get on to tougher things like Holmes on Homes or Tommy Walsh fixes your House. Admittedly he never got in to the bigger projects like Bob the Builder, but still fixing things up is an important concept in money strapped times.

The line up at Disney Junior has been kept fresh and current to reflect their TV line up. It’s great to see that Disney haven’t just took the easy option and let it run ancient shows that our kids don’t know.