I you are anything like us, part of your holiday building up was to watch the Walt Disney World Planning DVD and getting all excited. You might have seen it a hundred times but it didn’t make any difference, you would still watch it again and again. Then, Disney seemed to stop producing new DVDs in the UK. It would rehash old footage and add anything that might have changed. Forums would be awash with people discussing the new DVD and then all of a sudden, nothing. Now, if you head to the Disney holiday website the planning told consist of:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.06.22No DVD! Well, the US still get the DVD each year and it’s content amounts up to nearly 2 hours in total. Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, we can show you the DVD all over again and those of you with Smart TVs can watch it just like you used to.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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