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POP twins Jedward are lining up a dream TV job on America’s Disney Channel, the Irish Daily Mirror can reveal.

The duo have been approached by telly bosses in the States who believe they will be a huge hit with young fans.

Their manager X Factor judge Louis Walsh met with representatives from the station in New York to discuss the Lucan brothers hosting their own zany show.

If the deal is signed the duo could pocket €1million to front the programme that would be screened across the US.

A source close to the stars revealed last night: “Jedward are on the verge of cracking America with their own show. TV bosses and producers over there love their style and are convinced they can win over an army of young fans.

“Louis has met with representatives in New York and the talks went really well. There are a few concepts on the table for different styles of shows.

“But at the minute all the precise details are being kept very hush hush.

“What we do know is that it’s going to be a prime time national kids show so it would be a dream ticket for the boys to realise their dream of cracking the States.”

Since appearing on the X Factor in 2009 Jedward have earned millions from performances, tours and endorsement deals.

The duo enjoyed a new lease of life during the summer when they starred in Celebrity Big Brother and made it to the final.

But if they sign on to the American show they will be forced to pack up and leave Ireland for at least six months a year.

The source added: “The boys would be mad to turn this chance down.

“To them cracking America is the Holy Grail. Louis has done a brilliant job opening doors in high places for them but this would be the ultimate coup. They have been sworn to secrecy until any contracts are signed. This is their wildest dream come true.”

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