Downtown Disney is getting redeveloped into Disney Springs. Although Disney haven’t officially released information about what new restaurants or concepts will open up there are plenty of rumours. One of the rumoured venues is Trader Sam’s. The evidence behind this rumour is the below photo taken of a brands board. Although not confirmed these are supposed to show companies/restaurants who are jumping on board Disney Springs.


Disney have already worked and released a Trader Sam’s, over at the DIsneyland Hotel Anaheim. The concept is a Tiki tiki tiki tiki bar. Named after the head salesman from the amazon, Trader Sam (currently visitable on the Jungle Cruise). With out yawning and thinking this is yet another tiki bar concept; bamboo, thatch and cocktails. Trader Sam’s offers so much more. This is why I would like to believe there is more to this rumour that a logo on a board.


Trader Sam’s is an aladdin’s cave of trinkets and collections. Lanterns, Masks, maps and photos line the walls. The bar is central to the “enchanted” tiki bar. And the word enchanted is there for a good reason.

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As you will see form the video you will not get bored while in the venue as there is more than enough item of interest to keep you looking.

You may even have an unfortunate meeting with a volcano explosion!

or even spy a ship being wrecked!

So it was at this point that I started to think about the much loved and greatly missed Adventurers Club. The Club was closed down during the planning process of making Pleasure Island more family friendly. Apparently there wasn’t enough shops or restaurants. In reality the Adventurers Club was probably costing them more to run than it was making. Guests could come in and watch the entertainment while never visiting the bar for a drink.

Unlike Trader Sam’s, The Adventurers Club was brightly lit. Below you can see the main bar area. Hopefully you can see the comparison with the eclectic wall ornaments. There are photos, masks, “stuffed” items and not forgetting the Colonel.



One of the rooms was a “mask room”, where the masks would come to life and talk to you, laugh at jokes and basically freak you out. Their eyes would follow you around. In Trader Sam’s, I’m not sure to what extent this occurs but all I will say is the Tiki masks are animated.

In one part of the Adventurers Club you would go into the main library to witness “boulderdash cup”. In the back of the room there was a ship in a bottle. which sank!

So what do the maps have to say?

Here is the adventurers club (the green octagonal roof), it is next to Paradiso 37.



You can still see Paradiso 37 on the Disney Springs Model. However the adventurers club has gone. It wasn’t too much of a surprise though as they had a demolition order on it over a year ago.


There doesn’t seem to be an obvious visible location from the official plans, but if I was a gambling man I would say Trader Sam’s would be on next to the water. That either means on the Landing over looking the lake or on among the smaller buildings over looking the springs. It all depends upon who popular Disney believe this to be at the Walt DIsney World Resort. They’ve tested it out over the West Coast and I;m sure they are happy with the results. Will we get a bigger more elaborate version? Until then I guess this is as close to the Adventurers Club as we will get. Finger Crossed for more news soon.




By Alan

Alan has been part of the Disney fan community since early 2000. He has worked on and built many fan websites including and So If your looking for the best secrets of Walt Disney World or Secrets of the Magic Kingdom You can currently join him, Adam and Juz on the Disney Brit Podcast.

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