The UK Disney Store today announced that they will be adding the Furry Friends Vinylmation series to their online store. With the recent depletion of Vinylmation on stores, there is no news as to whether they will appear in store but it is good to see the Disney Store introducing new lines. There has been fears over recent weeks about the lack of variety in stores and online but this is a positive step in the right direction. The news came on the same day that the Alice in Wonderland set reappeared online. There is no specific date or price set for this series but keep a close eye on the Disney Store’s website for more details coming pretty soon

We love the good news on Vinylmation!

Take a look at the 12 figure set coming soon.

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One thought on “Disney Store UK to sell Furry Friends Vinylmation”
  1. So… damn… cute… I can hear the bank manager screaming already!
    It is the 1st set where I feel like I would like to get the whole lot!

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