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Welcome to Show 169 of the DisneyBrit Podcast. Join Adam and Alan as they chat Disney world over the past few weeks.

The focus on this episode is Adam’s adventures in London at the Gala showing of Inside out. We also tell you about our Color Obstacle Rush event that took place this weekend, Which was the first official Disney Brit Running Team Event. If you are in the running Team we are looking to organise a Blackpool Meet up this year. Please visit the Groups page on Facebook and vote for a date.

We hope you enjoy this episode.
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5 thoughts on “Disneybrit Podcast – Show 169 – Inside Out”
  1. *Note to self —- When planning my trip to Shanghai don’ t ask Adam for travel advice as i’ll end up in Japan and not China! ……. The queue for the tron ride can’t be that long already…… can they!!! lol

  2. Will definitely be going with the kids to see Inside Out on Friday… enjoyed hearing about the UK premier too. I have asked the kids about their favourite Muppet- do you have a contact email address?

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