After a recent inspection by OSHA some of Disneyland’s, Anaheim attractions were closed for violations. The Attractions include Space Mountain, Soarin’ & Matterhorn Bobsleds. Further inspections are planned over the next few days which could result in other attractions needing action.


The Inspection (so far) lead to 7 violations, although non of these were because of guests safety. The OSHA were concerned with employee safety and work practices.

“During the course of the inspection and prior, the employer, Disneyland Resort, failed to provide guardrails on all open sides of unenclosed elevated work locations more than 30 inches above the floor, ground, or other working areas of a building (Space Mountain) at Disneyland Resort. Employees of Disneyland Resort and HSG, Inc accessed the upper exterior platform of Space Mountain to perform routine and also non-routine maintenance and were not protected by guardrails or any other type of fall protection.”

Space Mountain was closed as Disneyland had not corrected an unsafe working acces for cleaning and changing lighting on the exterior of Space Mountain. During a routine clean of the white work on SPace Mountain an employee slipped and hurt himself last year.

The Alice in Wonderland ride suffered the same non guarded walk way issue recently too. Disney were quick to add in a temporary hand rail to the attraction.

Soarin’ had safety issues at both Epcot and Disneyland last year. Both venues reopened fairly quickly.

*** Big thunder Mountain is down for rehab, planning to open later in teh year. It’s fair to say that all the big attractions are closed and guests may be disappointed with the “thrills”***


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