Now, we know that Disneyland Paris management are not the best at making big announcements and it seems that they are beginning to leak out information on what we might expect for their monumental year. Well, here goes! From what we have heard (and this is far from confirmed) Captain Jack Sparrow is expected to join the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction from 2012. It has been a popular addition to the Orlando and Anaheim attractions since 2006 and we have always wondered when it might just come over here. Well, it seems the wait is finally over. But, there is one snag, the Disneyland Paris version works differently to the US versions.

Cap’n Jack is likely to appear in the same locations as in the US versions (in the mayor/auctioneer scene, hiding in a barrel and at the end on the final treasure cavern)nd a there is also expected to be the addition of the mist waterfall. The US versions are about to get there own update with the change out of Davy Jones to Blackbeard in honour of Pirates 4. It is unclear as to which version the Disneyland Paris version would get. The mist waterfall appears at the beginning of the Orlando attraction but the placements would seem odd in Paris. Also, the new will work with the change around of story is unclear and whether the captain of the ship in the battle scene will change is also unknown.

From what we understand, this plussing of the ride has been common knowledge in the halls of Disneyland Paris management and Imagineering for some time but there is no news on when it might be officially announced. Our guess is not for a while yet, they have only just begun this years celebration but we will keep you posted on any updates that might follow.

Truth or rumour? You decide!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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