Since Disneyland Paris introduced its Bi-annual ticket hike a few years back, we have been used to gritting our teeth and crossing our fingers each April and October in the hope that the price has gone up enough for us to need a second mortgage just to take the family to the magic for a few days. Imagine the pleasant surprise we got this November when it turns out that the prices to UK guests are more a decline than a hike. In fact, as of now Brits visiting the resort and buying their tickets in advance will save money. According to figures from Disneyland Paris, every adult ticket (and some children’s tickets) have either held or gone down in price. Yes, you heard it! Gone DOWN in price. Want to know the changes? Take a look at this handy little guide below:

  • 1 Day 1 Park
    £51/£45 to £50/£45 (-£1/+-£0)
  • 1 Day 2 Parks
    £61/£55 to £60/£54 (-£1/-£1)
  • 2 Days 2 Parks
    £108/£97 to £104/£94 (-£4/-£3)
  • 3 Days 2 Parks
    £134/£115 to £129/£117 (-£5/+£2)
  • 4 Days 2 Parks
    £159/£134 to £152/£137 (-£7/+£3)
  • 5 Days 2 Parks
    £177/£141 to £169/£152 (-£8/+£11)

Thanks to DLRPToday for the info

Pinch yourself and check your diaries, this isn’t April 1st! Good news to those of us in the UK. But, head this warning! If you plan to buy tickets when you arrive you are going to pay more with the  raise between 2-11 Euros. The only exception to the rule would be buying an annual pass which still works out better than buying a 5 day ticket.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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