Although Today, DIsneyland Paris unveiled to the world, their latest celebration to hot the resort, the Magic Moments Festival. Over 1000 celebrities and members of the media were invited to the resort to enjoy the best of what was on offer. Although we couldn’t be out there, we have been following everything on the internet to bring you the latest information. Unless otherwise stated, the images have come from the Disneyland Paris official Twitter feed.

Train Station Gets a Makeover

The old New Generation Festival sign has been removed as well as the statues of all of the characters linked to that festival. As you can see, the sign has been replaced with a much simpler and I think, elegant design.

The Disney Dance Express Pulls Into Town

Although we have had many incarnations of this parade Disney have added a new element this year, a set of dancers as well as characters and an actual storyline. It was reported on Twitter that this has a new lively dance tune with new music. Below is a video taken by Stitch59000 of a preview of the new parade.

Last year, Disney had already installed one of the new photo op location in Discoveryland. At the time, its appearance baffled many but as soon as Disney announced plans for this year it all became very clear. Below are a number of photos for new photo opportunities. Not all are installed yet.

New Mad Hatter photo in Fantasyland. Photo by @DLRPStuff

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider continue to meet guests

There are to be some news shows at Disneyland Paris as part of the event. These are not full blown, West End musicals but are more street happenings. A new show “Follow the Leader” will take place in Adventureland and a working version of Lightning McQueen has joined Lights, Motors, Action. Reports say that Follow the Leader is a lively, entertaining show with a good story and fun for the whole family.

New street show, Follow the Leader with Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Lightning McQueen will be seen in the popular stunt show

As part of the media event, Disney always try to add an extra element to it. The Magical Celebration show will be performed nightly but the press night is always given an added extra. Below are photos of various things that have been going on especially for today.

Rigging for some advertising shots on Dumbo. Courtesy of @DLRPStuff

Camera rig aboard the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Courtesy of @DLRPStuff

Firewprks at the end of the much bigger version of the Magical Celebration show/

If you want to see what the Magic Celebration Show as it is expected to look like, take a look at the preview performance taken by Coaster2OO8

We will bring you more information as we get it.

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