To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Disneyland® Paris will launch a large-scale, Europe-wide recruitment and sourcing campaign, from 12 September 2011 to 30 March 2012. Casting Scouts will be looking for 4,000 talented individuals to participate in the celebration.

Disneyland Paris will launch its largest European recruitment and sourcing campaign ever. The Casting teams will be traveling to the Baltic states, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. Candidates may apply for a wide range of positions in Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Hotels and Sales, as well as positions in administrative areas including Human Resources, Legal, Financial services and more.

More than ever before, Disneyland Paris wishes to reach out to candidates, offering them real professional opportunities. ‘As Europe’s number one tourist destination, it’s entirely normal for our company to act in favour of employment. We’ve chosen, in particular, to go back to Italy, Spain and Greece because we know that the candidates we’ll meet in there are qualified, in particularly, in tourism,’ states Jean-Noël Thiollier, Director of Talent & Reward.

Following the success of the recurring 2010 Casting Sessions held in England, the French provinces, Italy and Spain, Disneyland Paris Casting Scouts will strengthen this year’s measures by spending an entire week in each of the four countries to multiply opportunities for meeting candidates.

‘Disneyland Paris’s monthly presence in these countries has created a real meeting opportunity for candidates who want to join the company. We’ve made the decision to take time in order to build a real relationship between the candidates and the company during the initial casting phases,’ Jean-Noël Thiollier adds.

With over 14,500 talented individuals, Disneyland Paris is the largest private employer in Seineet-Marne and the number one single-site employer in the Ile-de-France region. Each year the company recruits many employees on permanent and fixed-term contracts, offering them real growth opportunities. This has been the case for Laura Mogavero, an Italian Cast Member who graduated in Construction Engineering from the University of Palermo, and has two Masters qualifications in information technology. She joined Disneyland Paris in 1990 on a fixed-term contract as a Disneyland Park Sales Host. In 2007 she joined the Architecture and Urban Planning team as part of her professional development, before becoming Manager of that team in 2010. Like Laura, many talented people use their know-how to create Disney magic for guests every day. For further information and to apply for a job, candidates may use the following website:
Schedule for the regular monthly recruitment sessions:
• 12 – 15 September 2011 in Nantes and Bordeaux
• 5 – 7 October in Strasbourg
• 8 – 10 November in Aix-en-Provence
• 01 – 2 December in Lille
• 03 – 04 January in Nantes
• 05 – 06 January in Bordeaux

• 26 – 29 September in Rome
• 18 – 21 October in Rome
• 15 – 18 November in Rome
• 6 – 7 December in Palermo
• 17 – 20 January in Rome

• 11 – 14 October in London
• 8 November in London
• 09 November in Manchester
• 7 – 8 December in Edinburgh
• 10 – 13 January in London

• 27 -30 September in Madrid
• 25 – 28 October in Madrid
• 22 – 25 November in Madrid
• 13 – 15 December in Alicante
• 24 – 27 January in Madrid

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