On a recent episode of the Disneybrit Podcast we interviewed Dave Thomas from the UK company Spy Games. The business, based in the UK, is designed to give children between the ages of 8 and 16 the chance to be spies for a day or even a weekend and the success of this concept has taken them all over the world, but never to Disney. That is, until October 2011 when Spy Games, the company behind Spy Camps, will launch its first camp at the Disneyland Paris Resort. A new brochure has been unveiled that includes all the information you are going to need to take part!

Don’t worry! I know what you are thinking? How come my kids get to take part in all the fun and I don’t? Although the camp is designed for kids, parents are allowed to stay and watch. If you feel left out then Spy Games run a special Spy Academy (adult event) for you, back at their Spy HQ in the UK.

The great thing about the new Spy Camp package at Disneyland Paris is that it not only allows your children to take part in a unique event inside the magic but there is also enough time to go and explore the parks too. Want to know what is included in the package? Take a look at the screen shot from their new brochure

Sound like the sort of thing you might be interested? It is certainly something we would love to do with our without kids! But, I know the question you are asking. How much is something fantastic like this going to cost us? Well, the good news is there are a range off options to suit you and your family. Just take a look below.

This is just some of the information available to you about Spy Camps. If you want to find out more about Spy Camps at Disneyland Paris then you can visit the Spy Games Disneyland Paris website and download their brochure here.

Spy Games also run many other events in the UK and further afield. They include day camps, Stag and Hen parties and team building exercises. You can find more about this great experiences at http://www.spy-games.com/home.html or call them on 0845 1303 007

If you want to listen to the Disneybrit episode featuring the interview with Dave Thomas then you can listen right here.

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