We are once again in that situation that Disneyland Paris like to put us in. We know they are building it, they know they are building it but they won’t admit that they are building it even though it is very clear to themselves and everyone else that they are. And this time, we are talking about the new Ratatouille themed area in Walt Disney Studios.

InsideDLParis over on Twitter works at the resort and he recently tweeted out a load of detail with regards to the new area and attraction. Here is what he has revealed:

– Construction on the ‘Ratatouille’ themed ride for Walt Disney Studios is making great progress. Time to reveal a few details of this project

– This new area will include a street leading up to a square, where we can find an Attraction, a table service Restaurant and Restrooms..

– There are plans to integrate a Shop into this area on a short-term after the opening..

– The theme of the area will be inspired by the Cartoon/Fantasy version of Paris which we can see in the Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille..

– The theme of the area will be inspired by the Cartoon/Fantasy version of Paris which we can see in the Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille..

– The ‘Studio 4’ building will be hidden by fake facades representing the unique Haussmann architecture of the Paris city..

– The table service Restaurant will most likely get the name ‘La Ratatouille’ and will provide a never before used concept in the Resort..

– The new restrooms will be placed in the former costume workshop..

– Let’s talk about the Ride itself.. the name ‘Kitchen Calamity’ is far from official..

– The ride will see three different interior queue lines, Standby, Fastpass and Single Riders.

– All three queue lines will be completely seperate (sic) from each other, and the same for the distribution of the 3D Glasses.

– Whilst queueing, Guests will meet Gusteau, or rather his ghost, as he guides them through the queue line

– The Standby queue line will have a covered extension between the Ride and the Studio 4 building..

– The covered Fastpass machines can be found on the corner of the Studio 4 building in the Parisian street..

– Shrunk to the size of a Rat, Guests will board their vehicle, that can hold upto 6 people, on the rooftops of Paris..

– The Trackless ride vehicles in the shape of Rats will be able to rotate completely and will be equipped with hydraulic cylinders..

– A Single Riders queueline is needed as the ride vehicles will hold two rows of three people..

– The ride’s storyline will be in the same order as that of the film, but will mainly take place in the Kitchen where Linquini (sic) is working..

– In a mixture of a classic Darkride and 3D Projection screens, prepare yourself for an immersive surprise in the heart of the ride!..

– In trolley chase, Guests will experience the cold of a huge fridge, the heat of an oven and many more surprises..

– The digital 3D Projections are made by Pixar and are difficult to distinguish from reality!

– All what’s left for us now is to quietly await for Remy’s extraordinairy (sic) adventures which will debut in Fiscal year 2014!

What do you think? Is it something you are looking forward to? It certainly sounds like a combination of much of the technology Disney have been using over the past few years all rolled in to one.

We must stress that none of the above has been confirmed by the Disney Company. Until it does, it is strictly rumour.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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