What is FanDaze?

That was the question on everyone’s lips from the moment the first tweet was put out into the Disney Fan Community. We, ourselves at Disneybrit, joined in with the speculations on what FanDaze would actually entail. We guessed everything from ‘hard ticket’ event to special character meets.  Fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long as  Disneybrit received an invite to special event on September 30th in which everything FanDaze would be revealed.

Studios 1 in Walt Disney Studios was to be the location for the event with some pre-dinner cocktails & surprises to be held in the Art of Animation building. After picking up our lanyards, we were ushered into Art of Animation where canapés & cocktails were available.

L-R: Goofy, Daisy, ShellieMay, Minnie, Mickey, Duffy, Donald & Pluto

More impressive than the super strong cocktails (we opted for Crazy Blue) & tasty treats that awaited us was the ‘Usual Suspects’ style line-up of the faces of FanDaze. That’s Right, Goofy, Daisy, ShellieMay, Minnie, Mickey, Duffy, Donald & Daisy were all dancing and getting us in the mood for what was to come. After a few minutes of photographs, the characters dispersed into the crowd where they mingled with guests & gave us the opportunity to have some amazing pictures

After a short while it was time for the main event; to discover the secrets behind FanDaze.

What does it mean?

What will it involve?

When will it be?  

Walking through an empty Walt Disney Studios was a treat in itself, allowing for some excellent pictures of The Hollywood Tower Hotel looming ominously above Studio 1Once inside Studio 1, the usually unimpressive entry way to Walt Disney Studios,  had been transformed into a rather enchanting setting for our dinner & presentation. A stage had been set up outside the Hollywood & Vine : Five & Dime store with tables forming a semicircle in front of the stage. 

Grabbing a table front and centre, we indulged in some yummy & unusual food, all washed down with what seemed to be an never ending supply of particularly tasty red & white wines. All the while we had a fabulous pianist & singer giving us some wonderful ‘Jazzesque’ renditions of famous Disney songs including songs from Frozen (shockingly not Let It G0) & Moana. And then. It. Was. Time.

Emmanuel Lenormand & Marilyn Magness

Taking to the stage were Emmanual Lenormand, Show Director for Disneyland Paris & Marilyn Magness, retired Creative Director of Entertainment for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Both Emmanuel and Marilyn oozed enthusiasm and excitement for FanDaze, you can see that they are truly proud & confident in what they have to offer with FanDaze and this was infectious as pretty soon the room was buzzing.

But What Is FanDaze?

FanDaze, Marilyn explained, will be a series of ‘Hard Ticket’ events all designed & created to celebrate the lifeblood of Disneyland Paris; It’s fans! And not just fans of the parks, but fans of Disney in general. 

The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party will take place at Walt Disney Studios during the first weekend in June 2018, and will feature one-of-a-kind shows, parades, live entertainment, rare character interactions, iconic attractions, tasty treats & exclusive merchandise.


What to expect?


The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party will include very exclusive live entertainment options : The first of which celebrates the famous residents of Duckberg and the characters of Disney’s Ducktales, in the Dance Your Ducktales Parade.


Scrooge McDuck takes to the stage.
Max Goof busts a move with Emmanuel and Marilyn

The next big reveal was that Max Goof, Goofy’s son & co-star from A Goofy Movie would be starring in his very own show : Max Live! Getting Goofy With It, to be held in Production Courtyard, presumably using the current ‘Star Wars : A Galaxy Far Far Away stage in front of the Tower of Terror. The Show will feature Max “and all his talented Disney pals” as they “put on a madcap show complete with pop beats inspired by A Goofy Movie



Mickey and his Disney FanDaze VIPs will also be dressed in elaborate and extravagant new outfits designed especially for FanDaze. Every character will be channeling their ‘inner fashionista’ and will be showcasing the latest in ‘Character Couture’

Duffy, Mickey, Minnie & ShellieMay show off their dazzling new FanDaze outfits.



Guests will be able to savour unique flavours with special menus created just for Disney FanDaze, while exclusive & limited edition merchandise is sure to delight the most dedicated of Disney collectors. Let’s just hope the numbers aren’t too limited.

We expect there will be plenty of pins, pens and plushes to choose from when June rolls around.



As Walt Disney Studios will be hosting The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party, it makes sense to allow exclusive access to some of the Studio’s biggest attractions for the night. Confirmed to be open for the night are the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Ratatouille : The Ride.



As huge character fans, this was perhaps the most exciting announcement for the evening. From the fairest to the rarest, more than FIFTY Disney Characters including favourites from Talespin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Bolt & many more will be there to many character fans delight. From rare classic characters like Clarabelle Cow to new favourites, such as Joy & Sadness, one thing is for sure… DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA. Also hinted at, were two rare characters who have never appeared together in the history of Disney Parks. Which leaves us wondering… who?

If this lot are anything to go by, character lovers are sure to get their fill. 


So there you have it, everything to expect from Disney FanDaze. “A real life Disney dream thats dazzling with delightful days, daring adventures, dancing and dressing up – all in an experience created to celebrate fans” This little preview sure has us excited and if The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party is half as good as what we’ve seen here, FanDaze is sure to not only be a success, but the envy of the Disney Community worldwide, with the hope that it will draw in more international visitors from further afield to our gorgeous little park in the middle of France.



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