The new parade expected into the Magic Kingdom this Spring is to feature new parade floats, costumes and Theme music. The parade is titled Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, will featured popular characters from Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tangled, Brave and the Little Mermaid.
Over the past year The DIsney blog has released concept art from the floats so We thought it was time to look at the detail.

No Disney parade would seem right with out Mickey and Minnie, so we’ll dive straight into the parade with their float. The Classic duo are in a hot air balloon, which appears to be weighted down by Ballerina Hippos and Dancing Ostriches. These characters are from Fantasia, Dance of the Hours.


Next up we have Merida riding on a giant set of Bagpipes. We can see on the concept art that one of the bear cubs is sitting in the drone top. He is reaching to try and grab a plate of doughnuts. I wonder if, as there are 2 other “empty” pipes the other brothers may pop out of them? Merida is standing on the reed of the chanter. Her platform is a crown with emerald jewels.

The Little Mermaid is sitting on top of an under the sea musical box. Characters include Flounder and Sebastian (who is steering the float).


The Peter Pan float seems to be the most adventurous. Peter Pan and wendy cruise through the parade onboard the Jolly Roger. While Smee and Captain Hook are stowing away on the ships anchor. At the front of the float is Skull Rock, complete with a map of Neverland on it’s side. The rear of the float is supported by TinkerBell Sitting on a sunflower in Pixie Hollow.


Rapunzel’s Viking ship sales over what looks like a carved wooden sea. The ship contains lots of elements from Tangled. Lanterns in the sky, Shorty as the cherub upon top. The main body of the ship is the Snuggly Duckling pub! Battle shields protect the side of the ship, while stacked beer barrels will preserve the thugs! Don’t forget the friendly goat on the rear.  It took me a while to work out what the snake / octopus tentacle was, but obviously (face palm moment) it is jewel encrusted plaits from Rapunzel.
*** The sharp eyed Disney spotted may see Pascal sitting on top of an oar.


The parade itself is inspired by the new Fantasyland Expansion and will be a fresh new change to the 3PM parade. We at Disney Brit can’t wait till we see the remaining floats that haven’t been disclosed yet. We also wonder if there is room for Elsa and Anna from Frozen in the line up. Fingers crossed for it’s launch in Spring 2014.


By Alan

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