There are many people who miss the original Star Tours. If you live close enough to Disneyland Paris you don’t need to because it is still alive and well in Disney’s European home. But, filmmaker Gregory Noacco decided it was time to recreate the perfect tribute. After 6 months of painstaking work, Gregory managed to bring to life an almost perfect replica of the attraction don’t to the finest detail. You can even enjoy the walk through the old loading bay and on to that grey and blue Starspeeder 3000. Take a look at just what Gregory was able to recreate below.

As if that video isn’t already amazing, the filmmakers have also created a 3D version that uses Youtube 3D to enjoy. There is much on youtube that doesn’t work in 3D with the red/blue glasses but this is fantastic!

The whole project was designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Star Tours ride (opened in 1987 at Disneyland). So, discover “Star Tours Origins (ST-45 Project)”, a non-official tribute to the “Ultimate Star Wars Adventure”.