When did you first visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris and how many times have you been since?
I first visited disney in 2006, this was a family holiday to Walt disney world Florida. The second I stepped foot into the world I fell in love and knew immediately I had to return, which I did another 3 times !

When was your last visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris?
I last visited wdw in 2010 for my unforgettable Disneymoon! We are also currently organising our first trip to dlp.

What is your biggest, most magical Disney memory?
My most magical memory is when my now husband got down on one knee proposed in front of cinderella’s wishing well in 2008. To say I was happy would be an understatement. He also booked a table at Tony’s town square restaurant, where they were in on the proposal, and made us both feel so special with congratulations and treats. They also announced our engagement to the whole restaurant, who then all congratulated us as well.

We have been running Disneybrit for 3 and a half years. What do you think you could bring to the show?
Being a long time listener, and was once called a “Superfan” I have listened to every single Disneybrit, and eye on Orlando. (loved the big cat diaries juz!) The bond and chemistry between the three of you has been incredible and Craig is leaving HUGE shoes to fill!

What I feel I could bring to the show, and something that is missing from podcasts I listen to is a regular female perspective. It would be nice to have a regular female presenter, someone who female listeners can relate to and possibly address embarrassing questions too, where they previously felt unable to before with a full male cast. Coming from Yorkshire I also feel I could give the show that northern quirky prospective which would be a good contrast to an already good podcast. Being a “pooh” sized Person also, I can bring theses prospective to the podcast when discussing the parks, as this is a very neglected but important area of visiting the parks, and a lot more people worry about fitting on rides and walking around the parks than you realise. In fact one of the most popular threads on a Disney forum is dedicated to this specialist area, so it would be nice to have someone who is not shy discussing on a podcast and to help put people’s minds at rest. Not having children (not that Adam ever takes Harry ! 🙂 ) I feel this is another prospective I could bring “Disney without kids”, and if I ever do have kids I can bring you a being a Disney pregnant angle lol. I have also had the experience of staying on and off site, so could bring them experiences with me, and also used the ddp to its FULL advantage and I mean FULL think I put on 5 stone in two weeks with the DDP! Finally and this is more relevant to behind the scenes, I love planning and organising (organised every detail of my Disney themed wedding!!), I love helping people and being part of a team. I don’t class myself as a shy person I’m sure Adam could back me up on that score after two years of me hogging the karaoke at mouse meets!!

Is there anything we don’t do on the podcast that you have always wanted to hear us do?
While your podcast is the best British one out there and covers a very large and diverse range of topics, I personally would love to hear more articles on food at disney, possibly trying and reviewing Disney recipes? Another idea would be to hear more segments on history of Disney. Not just rides, but movies, tv shows etc etc. And with Adams head full of all this information I bet already it would be nice to have a segment on the show every now and then focusing on one aspect and learning as well as discussing the history behind it all

Are you part of the Disney community already? If so, how?
You could say I dabble in the Disney community! I used the be the highest poster in your own forum before is sadley got taken down 🙁 through that forum and mouse meets I have made many friends that with the help of the tinterweb I stay in contact with on a daily basis!

I have been a presenter on another Disney podcast and enjoyed my time on there and are still good friends With the remaining team members. I am a member of various forums, blogs and public networking sites. I attend meets that happen throughout the year and keep up to date with all the Disney news I can on various websites.

Which areas of the Disney community most interest you?
I would say the area that most interests me is meeting and learning from new people. I find discussing and swapping Disney stories is one of the best holiday planning tools out there. I think that people personal experiences are much better than reading any tour book and makes for a more exciting planning experience.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. Really great answers Kim. You mention some great points about ‘pooh’ sized experience and also features of staying onsite like disney dining plan. I’d love to hear you on the podcast!

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