The audio you heard on this week’s Disneybrit Podcast is only one part of the task each hopeful was asked to complete. We also gave each of them a set of questions to answer and below you will find some of the answers we received. Take time to read them and see if it might persuade you to vote for one of them.

What is your biggest, most magical Disney memory?

Nick Branch
I have 2 that spring to mind. My first ever magical memory was my first visit. It was July 13th 1992. The day after my 9th Birthday, My father has a fear of flying but dreamed of going to Disneyland with his family, this was his chance. I remember walking through the entrance and seeing Main Street and being amazed. We went and had lunch in Casey’s corner and this is something of a tradition for me to visit at least once each time I go. I think that being 9 at the time means that I remember a lot about my first visit to Eurodisney.
However, I would say that probably a bigger and more magical came during my first visit to WDW when in front of Cinderella’s Castle I proposed to Lindsey in after the wishes fireworks. We had Americans whooping and cheering and taking pictures of us. It just rounded of an amazing holiday. I couldn’t decide between these two as both are special in different ways.

Kez Francis
This is a fairly easy one 😉 It has to be my wedding day. I got married at the Polynesian Resort on Luau Beach, then ate at the Aloha Dinner, got initiated into the Polynesian Resort Ohana with an impromptu  ceremony the cast members did in the lobby giving us the most beautiful fresh flower leis (Which I have managed to freeze and get back home and they are currently in my freezer!) Then topping it off with a firework cruise where we got a tour of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Our guide told us lots of interesting trivia about the surrounding resorts pulled up and showed us the abandoned River Country water park which was really eerie at night and the legendary shoe tree before pulling up in front of the Magic Kingdom for Wishes. Then a few days later we had our wedding photos done by Disney Fineart and Photography in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in my all time favourite attractions The Tower of Terror. Truly a Disney experience I will never forget and just the beginning of my happily ever after.

Paul Dolan
That’s a tough one. I have so many great memories. Many of the best ones are actually quite small things; little moments where you just could not be happier. I think is those reasons that keep people like us coming back again and again. Here a couple of examples;

Think it was October 2000. We had gone to “Mickeys not so Scary” and had had a fantastic evening. The kids had bags of “Trick or Treat” candy, we had watch the “Boo to You” parade and “Hallowishes”. It was getting late and the park was emptying out. It was a warm night and you know how magical the parks are at that time. We were cutting through Adventure land on our way back to Main Street and out, when we came across Baloo the bear, and King Louis from Jungle Book with their “minders”. They had set up a boom box just where the Tiki Room is. They grabbed our two girls then spent about 15 mins dancing and playing with them. The girls were about 5 and 7 then and they loved it, there were dancing and laughing and cuddling the characters and the cast members were also joining in. It was only one small memory among many others but you just think to yourself; “there is nowhere else in the world that this would happen”. Luckily I had a video camera and have the whole thing on tape and it still gets us when we watch it.

In 2004 we took my father and mother in-law. The first time they saw Illuminations he could not speak for about 5 minutes afterwards, he was so emotional. The next night we took him to Fantasmic and he was even worse!!!!! And I can tell it’s not very often he is speechless!!!!!

Christmas morning we were in the Magic Kingdom (10 on the crowd calendar but the atmosphere was amazing). We were on the TTA and a thunder storm knocked out the power and we got stuck on the TTA for about 20 mins. We were in one of the open air sections and the rain was driving in horizontally and we got SOAKED but it did not stop us laughing. We got dried off in Peco’s Bills while eating a Turkey leg as our Christmas lunch.

One of the “bigger” memories was a couple of years ago I did “Dive Quest” at the Living Seas. I got kitted out with about 10 other guests and we headed for the tank. One the way there you walk through “Sea Base Alpha” and the regular guests have a good look at you in your shorty wet suits. As we were walking past a young American boy of about 11 or 12 I heard ask his dad who we were, I told them we were a Navy Seal team on a training mission. The fact that we were all shapes and sizes and the age range was from about 16 to 60 did not strike him right away but his dad gave me look as if to say “ very funny, wise guy”. The actual experience was great and the best bit was the reaction from the people outside the glass (including my own family) and the diners in the Coral Reef restaurant. It was a real blast and the cast members tell you beforehand to really interact with the people and they show you how to blow kisses at the glass and do somersaults. It was fun to be an honorary cast member for 30 mins or so.

Patti Spalding
My most magical memory was on my first ever trip to Disneyland Paris at the unfair age of 15 (even though I had been begging to go since the age of 5!) I had been taught by my dad to be a Disney’ non-believer’, however I was taken to Disneyland to perform with a drama group and I was very sceptical about spending the next 3 sleepless days on Disney property. After a very long trip in a sweaty coach full of teenagers on a very misty October day we finally made it near Disney property. I will always remember the coach easing round a corner revealing the tower of terror shrouded in thick mist creating a perfectly eerie atmosphere for the time of year. This scene of Disney magic struck a chord in me and moved me so much that my distaste to Disney company melted away and the beauty of it had me completely hooked on the wonderful spectacle of Disney resorts

Thomas Hind
Watch wonderful show and Parade

Louise Waghorn
Watching Illuminations for the first time after the Tapestry of Nations parade. Feeling totally relaxed and at home with the sights and songs of the park. It was the first time I ‘got’ Disney.

Paul Boniface
f I close my eyes, the first memory that always comes back is standing on Main street with my wife, cuddled up watching Wishes on the last day of our honeymoon. That still stands as a strong memory but it is quite often replaced by the image of my daughters as they met their favourite characters Pooh and Tigger for the first time on the first day of their first trip.

Kim Goodwin
My most magical memory is when my now husband got down on one knee proposed in front of cinderella’s wishing well in 2008. To say I was happy would be an understatement. He also booked a table at Tony’s town square restaurant, where they were in on the proposal, and made us both feel so special with congratulations and treats. They also announced our engagement to the whole restaurant, who then all congratulated us as well.

Laura Pearson Smith
My first ever Main Street Electrical Parade with my Mum. Had never seen anything like it, and the music was magical. I bought the CD at Downtown Disney straight afterwards, and have been playing it ever since! I loved Piglet too; and there he was in a parade in front of me covered in sparkly lights!

We have been running Disneybrit for 3 and a half years. What do you think you could bring to the show?
Nick Branch
Being asked to do a report on the DLRP Not So Scary Party (or the Diet version as I referred to it) gave me a thirst to do more, but never thought this opportunity would arise (or so soon after I wished to one day do more for the podcast). I am obsessed with Vinylmation and would think that my expertise within this field would be of help/benefit to the UK Vinylmation cause. Also, my view on Disney is purely from an adult viewpoint as me and Lindsey are big kids and currently have no children so I look at things slightly differently in that way. For example, my dismay at the Flagship store having no real adult items (statues, snow globes etc). I understand at the smaller stores, but your flagship store in the UK?

Kez Francis
As I don’t have my own family and it is currently just Joe and I (and of course the rabbit Austin 😉 ) I feel that I could bring another perspective when discussing holidays/experiences catering for young couples or those who have no family ties. Also having had my own Disney wedding and experienced some of the special events that Disney has to offer I would have good knowledge of these areas to complement the rest of the team’s knowledge. In addition to this I have webcoding and design skills which could be put to good use to help with the website, iPhone coding skills that could be put to good use and could even create a small revenue stream to help with the funding of DisneyBrit. I have also been involved with event planning and hosting for some London Events and Parties (including the London MCM Expo) the latest being my own UK wedding reception that was Disney Themed (each table relating to a different Disney movie). These skills would be useful for helping to organise Mousemeets. (Also quite importantly a female and southerner’s perspective haha)

Paul Dolan
Given it is a Disney based podcast, I think my enthusiasm of all things Disney and my Disney experiences would add value in terms on the richness of the discussion and the reviews we could have if I was successful.

I think I am quite creative and would be able to generate some good ideas for segments and features both in the show, in Mouse Mag and on DisCot. I have list a few examples below of potential ideas.

However the best podcasts are not just informative, they need to be FUN too and I think I have a good sense of humour and am not embarrassed by speaking “on-air” or at to a large group at an event like Mouse Meets.

I am also willing to do my part in organising and administering Disneybrit. I am dependable and will be there when needed to record a podcast or to do other duties.

Patti Spalding
At the age of 19 I am a bit younger than the Disneybrit hosts, however through my Disney geekdom I have noticed that there are a fair few people in the Disney community that are in their teens and 20’s who love to listen to podcasts, I think I could maybe relate to a younger audience (not saying that your old or past it! ) and get more younger people happy to be listening and feeding themselves with Disney knowledge. I also think I would be able to give a perspective to parents who are unsure about letting teens roam around the parks. And above all that I am a very confident and funny person and I don’t take myself too seriously. I would put across my passion of talking about and sharing ideas about Disney.

Thomas Hind
Bring new all around world from every disney theme park

Louise Waghorn
PMT every other show 🙂
On a more serious note, a mums perspective which really does change the way you see things. Good banter. Someone who only discovered Disney as an adult but is now seeing it through the eyes of a young child (even more magic). Though if I am not impressed by something be prepared for an outpouring of Lancashire style dissatisfaction

Paul Boniface
Well, I’d like to think that I could at least pronounce things correctly . Its SECK-OY-YA lodge not SECK-WEEL-A lodge, but I can also bring a balanced pragmatic approach to trip planning features, being neither a full spreadsheet type regimental planner nor a seat of the pants make it up as you go along. Do you want something new brought to the show and risk alienating your existing audience or would you prefer something not too dissimilar to what you have already? In which place, I can play the 40 something, sarcastic Disney curmudgeon quite well too.

Kim Goodwin
Being a long time listener, and was once called a “Superfan” I have listened to every single Disneybrit, and eye on Orlando. (loved the big cat diaries juz!) The bond and chemistry between the three of you has been incredible and Craig is leaving HUGE shoes to fill!

What I feel I could bring to the show, and something that is missing from podcasts I listen to is a regular female perspective. It would be nice to have a regular female presenter, someone who female listeners can relate to and possibly address embarrassing questions too, where they previously felt unable to before with a full male cast. Coming from Yorkshire I also feel I could give the show that northern quirky prospective which would be a good contrast to an already good podcast. Being a “pooh” sized Person also, I can bring theses prospective to the podcast when discussing the parks, as this is a very neglected but important area of visiting the parks, and a lot more people worry about fitting on rides and walking around the parks than you realise. In fact one of the most popular threads on a Disney forum is dedicated to this specialist area, so it would be nice to have someone who is not shy discussing on a podcast and to help put people’s minds at rest. Not having children (not that Adam ever takes Harry ! 🙂 ) I feel this is another prospective I could bring “Disney without kids”, and if I ever do have kids I can bring you a being a Disney pregnant angle lol. I have also had the experience of staying on and off site, so could bring them experiences with me, and also used the ddp to its FULL advantage and I mean FULL think I put on 5 stone in two weeks with the DDP! Finally and this is more relevant to behind the scenes, I love planning and organising (organised every detail of my Disney themed wedding!!), I love helping people and being part of a team. I don’t class myself as a shy person I’m sure Adam could back me up on that score after two years of me hogging the karaoke at mouse meets!!

Laura Pearson Smith
A woman- EVERYTHING needs a woman :-). Plus, i’m Scottish and we’re supposed to be funny. I’m also a pin trader. I love it but i’m not a manic one! :-), so I could bring some pin news if it was so required 🙂 I also collect Vinylmations.
Voting for the competition closes on Wednesday 11th January at 11.59pm GMT. We then count up all votes and the top three contenders will be invited on to the show the following week to show the listeners what they have got! After the episode is live, a second vote will go up on and listeners will be able to vote for who they think should become Disneybrit Idol. Voting will be reset to zero and no previous votes will count.

Some people have asked about the voting system and how we make sure it is fair. You can only vote once a day from your IP address. Does this mean you can vote once from your computer at home, then at work and on your mobile too? Yes, but only once as all IP’s are logged and we can check them back on a regular basis (and we do!). Any use of an IP cloak or any other form of hiding information may result in the disqualification of a candidate (whether it is the candidate themselves or not) but at the very least, those votes will be discounted from the overall total. We want this to be a fair vote and take any cheating very seriously.

For the ease of everyone, you will find the vote attached to the bottom of this post with all audio attached. You will not be able to vote more than once on each post.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

2 thoughts on “Find out More About Your Disneybrit Idol Hopefuls”
  1. BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE. wonderful entries. I must say Patti Spalding did it for me! Being 19 myself I can totally relate to her and I think everything she said is what I would want in a new host. Also she seems super fun, up for a laugh and we definitely need a girl on that podcast!!

    Good luck to all competitors. My vote is for Patti!


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