We don’t know much more other than there has been reports of a fire in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It is believed that the Astro Orbiter building is on fire which means it could be either the Orbiter or the Tomorrowland Transit authority. At the moment, there is no official word from Disney but a Twitterer has reported that

“fire trucks are going down Main Street USA – Astro Orbiter is ablaze in Tomorrowland!”

We are not sure if this is truth but we do know that Tomorrowland has been evacuated. We will report more as we get it.


We have had confirmation from a Disney Cast member that whatever it was that was on fire in the Magic Kingdom is now out. Tomorrowland was indeed evacuated but details are still not known by Cast working in the park. We will update you with further info when we get it.


We have had further reports that there has been no injuries at the park. Tomorrowland still remains closed but we hear there maybe some testing going on at the TTA. If this is true it looks like the culprit is the Astro Orbiter. We await further details.


Tomorrowland has now re-opened. Attractions seem to be working except for Oribter. Cast members have been seen inspecting the attraction. It also appears that having had time off, Space Mountain has decided to go down. We wait to hear more official news from Disney

We have the first image of the Reedy Creek Fire Department arriving in the park. Take a look at the photo posted by @klewald



According to an official statement by Walt Disney World officials, a power outage and small fire shut down the Tomorrowland area of the park for about an hour. There was no cause of the fire given, though the Astro Orbiter will remain closed pending an investigation. According to the statement no injuries occurred during the fire, and no guests were on the attraction at the time.

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One thought on “Fire in Tomorrowland?”
  1. What a nightmare for the guests. Not only have they had to contend with rain these past days, but also a whole land closure!

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