I’m just going to blurt straight out with this. The New Gaston Meet and Greet at New Fantasyland is brilliant. The character is perfect, but is it a risk for Disney to allow him to roam freely?

Gaston Meet and GreetThe Reason I suggest it could be risky is that Gaston is a womanizer and speaks his mind. If you were to meet him in the street as a normal person, you would hate him. If he walked freely around my home town, I would have expected to hear about him bing in fights. Yet as a character in Disney World he is hilarious. He has Gaston’s character so perfectly that you know he will be arrogant, pig headed and expect more from you as a person!

There has been a lot of videos online recently showing his antics so I thought I’d share my favourites. And I will say that I have a favourite Gaston too.

The Push Up Contest

Source: Blake Platt

The Arm Wrestling Match

Source: Peyton Kays

Little Girl Put Gaston in his place

Source: JonasAlmostFamous

Serenading Gaston

Source: Disney Blondie

Arm Wrestling, flirting push ups and shouting at guests. He is brilliant, but hopefully everyone sees him as fun!