I thought about picking up a a few Vinylmation today. I’m still adding to my collection of Have a Laugh, they vanished this week and then re-appeared online. The Vinylmation Tunes sold out within a day of release, except for Stitch. Imagine my surprise that when I visit the Disney Store’s UK website and I see this

Whatis going on with UK’s stock of Vinylmation. In recent months we have discovered that the Disney Store in the UK have underestimated demand. On the release of Furry Friends, guests snapped them up and stocks ran low. Disney released Vinylmation Tunes and stocks ran out. It’s nice to once again see the London Taxi exclusive back but it seems you can only order one. Other than that the only choice we are left with is the very common UK flag and two, expensive Limited Edition 9″ sets. It begs the question, Is this the end of Vinylmation in the UK or have the Disney Store got their strategy all wrong? This week we had confirmation that the UK will get the Disney Store 25th Anniversary set, but as they are delayed in the US we have no idea when they are coming. Other than that, there is no news on what is coming.

The hard bit to understand is that people want to part with their money and build their collection. It seems Disney just don’t want to take it. We will keep you informed on what is going on as we find out more.

What do you think? Could this be the beginning of the end for UK Vinylmation?