On Saturday 31st May, we were lucky enough to see the amazing Imagination Movers in concert! My children have been fans of the TV show for years, we have all the CDs, and they’re constantly on in the house and in the car. Unlike a lot of other ‘kids’ music, I have to admit I enjoy them very much too. I am a teacher and often use their music in my classroom, as I find it upbeat and inspiring.

I’d been hoping the Movers would come to the UK for years, and after a lot of waiting, then finally announced they’d be coming over. Unfortunately they were only playing in London, and we’re in Lincolnshire. However, there was no way we were missing this! We then discovered one of the dates they were playing was my son Ben’s 7th birthday. It was like fate, we had to go! I decided that since it was Ben’s birthday, we’d treat him to VIP meet and greet tickets. We were planning on telling him about the concert, but not about meeting the band afterwards.

We also have a three year old daughter so I was quite unsure about taking her down to London, but we were brave and decided that she’d love it so much, we couldn’t not take her. So, to celebrate Ben’s birthday, and since it was half term, we booked three nights in London.

Leading up to the concert, the children were so excited! They were literally counting down the days. In fact, I think Ben was more excited about the concert than the fact it was his birthday.

The theatre (The Bloomsbury), was fantastic. It was quite small, but easy to find with good facilities. Before the show we had a look at some of the merchandise and bough each child a t-shirt and a poster. Everything was very reasonably priced. I had booked front row, but until we got there, I didn’t realise that they were right in the middle! The seats were absolutely perfect!

As the show started, all the children were immediately on their feet.

The whole band were very keen on making sure that everyone was having the best time, and that we were all joining in. The music was wonderful, everything I hoped it would be. They sang all of their most popular tracks, punctuated with some current chart hits, such as ‘Happy’.

One of my favourites was ‘Brainstorming’. I use this one with my class all the time, and it’s a pretty high energy song. However, at the concert, they showed it down and did it acoustically, which worked really well.

Another favourite was ‘vortex’. It was hilarious! Best shown on the video I think!

They also had some sort of machine that made toilet paper fly over the entire crowd, which was so funny, poor Mover Dave got his guitar totally caught up in it. How he still managed to play with that wound around him is amazing.

There was a section with Mover Rich and Kyle (their concert drummer), which shows just how much fun hey all have together. It also showed the quality of they performance.

Each person in the band played, sang and danced through the entire show. The energy was so high, I have no idea how they sustained it! I was impressed as well, at how much they came out into the audience. Everyone had the opportunity to get a high five, or sing into the microphone, like I said, everyone was involved and everyone just had the best time! Far to soon, it was over. I think my voice had disappeared with the amount of singing I’d done! My two children were both exhausted and on a high.

We still decided not to tell them we were meeting the band yet. We went as though we were leaving the theatre, but said we were using a different door. Then, all of a sudden, the Movers were all right there in front of us. I said to Ben that as a special treat we were meeting the band. He was just in total shock! There were about 10-15 other families there and we had a wonderful time. Each member of the band took the time to come round and talk to everyone for as long as they wanted. They posed for photos, signed autographs and generally chatted with us all. Mover Scott spent a particularly long time with us. I’d been helping with promoting the concerts, by emailing schools, and getting them on podcasts and he was go lovely to me for that. They all made a real fuss of Ben’s birthday too. They spent at least an hour and a half with us all, and credit to them, they must have been so tired after the show. Nothing was too much trouble for them though, and they spent as much time with us as we wanted. The rounded off the meet and greet by playing a few acoustic songs as well, which we weren’t expecting.

To round up, yes, this was expensive, it was £50 a ticket, and then we had hotel and train costs on top of that. However, this was London. What we got for our money was incredible. Front row seats, an amazing concert, and real time with the band afterwards. I would pay it again in a heartbeat. I sincerely hope they come back next year before Ben gets too old for them. Seeing the joy on my childrens faces was worth every single penny.

Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!DSC_0142






By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. We have seen them in concert 4 times and each time, it was a terrific show. We have done the Mini Mover package each time as well. Not only that, but we live in their home state of Louisiana and are honored to call them home-town boys. None better!

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