Lapu Lapu

The Lapu Lapu cocktail from the Tambu Lounge is one of the must have drinks at Walt Disney World. Once you have had one you know that taste and you want more. To round it all off in full show off effect, it is served in a hollowed out pineapple.

Today where going to share the recipe and share how we made ours.



2 parts Meyers Dark Rum
2 Parts Pineapple Juice
3 Part s Orange Juice
1 Part Sweet and Sour Mix
1 Part Bacardi 151 (floated on top)
1 large hollowed out pineapple


To create that hollowed out pineapple cup, I used a pineapple corer. The device screws into the the flesh of the pine apple and nicely creates juicy slices of the fruit. The downs side is that it also leaves the core inside the pineapple, which you need to deal with. This device is available from lakeland for £8.99.

Also notice all the leaves are cut off the top and it is shaped to a point. By simply chopping the leaves off square you reveal a brown dotted pattern where the leaf fibres were. Angling this cut makes it look cleaner.



After screwing your pineapple corer into the pineapple. Pull it up vertically. There is a huge amount of suction working against you here, but it will come out.


The cutting action creates a well of juice inside the pineapple, which tastes deeeee-licious.


The Core is left inside the fruit. I chose to use a long knife to make several partial cuts to weaken it near the bottom. Also take not that it is a bread knife. I found the serrated edge also good for sawing through the pineapple top.


Pour the ingredients into the pineapple and stir. I poured it into this glass mainly to show the colouring. Plus the quantity. The recipe calls for parts not oz. So I looked for a small(ish) measure. The best I could find was a 1/3 cup Mickey measure. So this cocktail actually contained 1 cup of alcohol.


This was also the amount of Lapu Lapu I drank while recording Disney Brit Podcast – show 148. I don’t think it was big or clever, drinking this much on a school night and in the morning I had a small headache. However it was very very tasty. Pineapple and rum go very well together.

Have you made this? What are your thoughts?

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