Beginning the week of October 23, 2011, Magic Kingdom will test offering FAstpass tickets for a restricted-access viewing area for the afternoon Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.

The 1 month test will give people access to a small space by the castle. Fastpasses are expected to be given out at random to guests as space is so limited. As this is only a test there is no guarantee of it becoming permanent.

What do you think? Is the surprise giveaway unfair? Almost a mini year of a million dreams. Should they offer it on a first come, first served basis?

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom to test Fastpass for Daily Parade”
  1. I wonder if its the same area as the bridge to liberty that has the VIP seating…. seems odd but a good idea IF it does not stop you having another pass.

  2. I think it would be a lovely idea but think the tickets for this fast pass parade should be given out randomly around the park, not on first come basis. We go every year and although we like to get to the parks early if one of my foster children are unwell we have to get there later. It should be be like the million dream passes they gave away. It makes the event more magical and special rather than how you see people barging and running to get to the fast passes for Toy story 3 every year when the park opens. We come every Christmas and although queuing at times can be long you get to meet others in the queue, you see things you would miss whilst waiting if you are in a rush i.e the hidden mickeys etc.People are missing out on the magic of the parks.Last year we got married in Florida and I wanted to be in the parade but it’s luck on the day and when I saw the two couples in the car during the parade and it was announced it was a wedding anniversary and a newly wed couple it was lovely to see their faces knowing they had been chosen, it had given them that magical feeling. Lets hope it goes well and you continue to add little bits of extra magic for ordinary guests.

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