Disneyland Paris are always very secretive about new projects they are working on and their Terrorific Nights are no different. The official description of the event is as follows:

“Are you ready to face the darkest night of your life? Walt Disney Studios® Park invites you to experience terror like never before! Dare to adventure into a totally different atmosphere, where the theme park’s artists and even some of the attractions take on an ominous dimension…”

It doesn’t really give much away that we wouldn’t expect from last year’s event. The evening is typically unDisney like in its style but is well inkeeping with Halloween. At Disneybrit, we wanted some more information so we contacted Disney via their Twitter and recieved this response:

“The product has been modified following guests comments from 2010, and will feature more street entertainment and atmosphere.”

Still not entirely satisfied we went searching a little further and we can now share with you a little more of what is to come at this year’s event.

Firs off we have learnt that the entertainment will be more present in the park streets, including 4 themed “Terror Zones” with special characters all evening-long, and 3 street happenings in different areas of the park.

Some of the attractions will receive a few modifications (sound, lights, even some special effects and special appearances). The happened last year but we are expecting it to happen in more attractions than it did last year.

The whole park atmosphere will be changed with new music, special lightings, and more than 40 fog machines. Last year saw an area entitled “Welcome to Whitechapel” full of smoke but the rest of the park was pretty clear. This could mean more scares as people walk through the park. Expect characters to be hidden around the park in unsuspecting places.

The event will still offers Disney quality entertainment but unlike the Halloween parties at the Disneyland Park it will be without the classic Disney stories. Even so, expect  some of the Disney Villains to appear in Toon Studios during the party.

We are hoping that the whole party will buidl upon the success of last year’s event and will be even scarier than before!

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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