If you have already listened to the Disneybrit show this week you will have heard us speculate about the mystery of the Light up Sorcerer Mickey Vinylmation for the Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary. While away this weekend in Newcastle I made the pilgrimage (as all Disney fans Should) to the nearest Disney Store. Upon arrival I began my search for the collection of Vinylmation the store had. To my surprise there was a good selection, including some I didn’t expect.

In the excitement of finding the Bakery Series and Nerds series in store I didn’t see straight away the newest Vinylmation on the centre of the top shelf. As soon as I did, I was a little confused!

Isn’t this supposed to have been delayed? I was certain that it wasn’t due out in the US until 28th May and yet here I am stood in store with the right in front of me! There was no delay, I tweeted out to our followers (@disneybrit) to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and within minutes I had replies from people telling me they shouldn’t be there. Well, that was that, I had to have one! At the cost of £12, it was a little more than usual but with the addition of light up base and my 10% shareholders discount, I thought it was well worth the money. Having picked up my Vinyl (and one for my Vinylmation mule, Craig Duncan) I headed out feeling pleased I had gone a very exclusive Vinyl indeed. I had spoken to the Cast member before leaving and she has expressed her disappointment because she thought they were cast only. Each Disney Store Cast Member had been given one to celebrate the 25th anniversary and she didn’t realise they were to go on general sale. This game me another reason to think they shouldn’t have been out.

Fast forward 48 hours, we stopped in York on the way home on Easter Sunday. As we were in the city we once again made our pilgrimage to the Disney Store and lo and behold, there on display was our friend Sorcerer Mickey!

Maybe they had been released without any announcement. People had been tweeting over the previous few days that they had found them in London and the south but no news on Scottish stores. People began searching for the all important Vinylmation. It was then that something strange happened. Out of the blue, all the Light Up Mickey’s disappeared from shelves across the country. Had there indeed been a mix up? Should we have had them yet or had Disney Stores in the UK got ahead of the game. We contacted the Disney store and were told that there was a little mix up with the Vinylmations, there would be clarification over the next day or so and we would be told what was happening.

It was then that rumours appeared that there was quality control issues, similar to Furry Friends. Personally, I have to say these are unfounded. The Vinylmation I have are in perfect order and there are no issues with them whatsoever. It may just be that some people have been unlucky with the finish on theirs. Sadly, they can’t exchange them before 28th May! As today, the Disney Store released this

Calling all Vinylmation fans – the 25th Anniversary Light Up Vinylmation will be released globally on 28th May.  Unfortunately, a few of our Stores were a bit over excited when they saw them (they do look great!) and may have accidentally sold a couple already but they are now under lock and key until 28th May so please check back online or to Store then. Sorry to have teased you…..but we hope you will think they are worth the wait!

For those of you who can’t wait until 28th May we have some good news for you! There will be one as part of the auction at this year’s Mousemeets. If you can’t wait until then, take a closer look at the new Mickey with our pictures below.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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