Disney Pixar have just released 3 new Cars shorts. Just when you thought all the cars momentum had ceased, here is a thrust of some extra power. Following on from the likes of Maters Tall Tales and other Cars Toons.


The Shorts are viewable online and last just under 2 minutes a piece. They are titled Hiccups, Spinning & Bugged. If your in the UK you will have to visit http://www.disneyinternational.com/ first an select USA.



Tales from Radiator Springs – Spinning

Spinning is based outside Luigis Tires. Guido is enrolled as the marketing support. He must hold and shake a sign pointing at the tire shop. He gets a little but board and starts tossing it and bumping out some moves. A crowd arrives in awe of his moves. Does he bring in any extra customers though?

Viewable here

Tales from Radiator Springs – Hiccups

Hiccups is set at Flos V8 Cafe. After guzzling down a can of motor oil. Lightening McQueen gets a dose of teh hiccups. Everyone in town has a cure, but only one seems to work!

Viewable here

Tales from Radiator Springs – Bugged

Red is out watering the plants, when a little “bug” become very friendly with him. After blowing, swiping and squirting he finally gets the bug out of his way, but he feels a little bad, when he see’s what he’s done.

Viewable here