Today, the Disney Parks Blog held it first ever live chat and the subject was none other than the Fantasyland Expansion coming next year. Although there was nothing earth shattering it was nice to see some newer artwork. Below are the new concept art revealed during the live session.


The exciting late addition to new Fantasyland will be the new “family” coaster based on the first ever Disney animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The new image shows that there is going to be a mixture of theming, story and, by the looks of it, speed. It is a highly anticipated attraction.


The entrance to the Beasts castle makes it look like a new pavilion in Epcot but those of you that have visited Universal Orlando you may just see similarities in the style of Hogwarts Castle. A castle high on top of a large amount of rock work certainly gives it a familiar feel. Even so, it will look spectacular!


The highly themed Belle’s Cottage will immerse guests in to the story of Beauty and the Beast. Every effort has been made to make this as authentic as possible and from the image above you can see just what it is going to look like in 12 months time.

To read the whole live chat held with Chris Beatty, take a look here.

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