You may or may not know that Disney seem to be really keen on dragons at the moment and more importantly, those flying around the Magic Kingdom. If you haven’t seen it yet, a new Tumblr page was set up a while back with sighting of dragons and some in Walt Disney World. You can take a look at it here

But the question we have been trying to answer is: What are earth are doing hinting at? Well, we have a theory……

A while ago, you may remember us posting some images of some flight testing in California using dragons gliders.

Well, we all got excited that this was something coming to Avatar lad but did we ever consider the idea that these were in fact being tested for New Fantasyland? At no point on the filed patent  does it talk about Avatar, it just describes itself as a “Flying Entertainment Vehicle”

Today, Disney released a new video with further sightings of the dragon above New Fantasyland. Take a look at the screen shot we took

Does it look similar? Maybe we were looking to far in the future and these flying machines are not too far in the distant future!