I know a lot of Brits who are going to Florida this half term, and during half term it is indeed Valentine’s Day! If being at Walt Disney World wasn’t romantic/magical enough then this new offering from Disney Floral & Gifts is sure to delight your 1st mate!

The gift is delivered in an intriguing box covered in fishnet and burlap looking like it has just come from the boughs of the Black Pearl itself with an authentic pirate sword tied on top . Upon opening the box your Pirate Princess is presented with 6 Red Roses which have been arranged with tropical foliage, sea shells and more fish netting, a pirate necklace, gold foil wrapped coins and top of the bill is a love letter from the Captain which reads:

My Love,

I have sailed around the world filled with adventures bold and exciting. But in all my travels, I have only been in danger once…when I heard your name whispered on the tide.

Your beauty, sweeter than wine. Your eyes, brighter than any gold. You’re my heart’s desire. I surrender my sword and my heart to you.

Accept these tokens and set sail with me on an adventure that will steer a course across a moonlit sea and eternity.

You are my treasure.

Let me be your Captain.

*swoon* that Captain certainly has a way with words however guessing from the correct use of grammar and coherency of the letter I am guessing it is not from the elusive Captain Jack Sparrow (sorry ladies!).

Having been lucky enough to experience items from the Disney Floral & Gift the quality has always been top notch and definitely worth the price. I think this is a beautiful idea and will certainly thrill a pirates fan! The only thing that worries me is getting the “authentic” sword back to the UK which could prove problematic so you might want to check that out before you buy!

It is available now and can be ordered here.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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