Earth Day (22nd April 2012) saw the launch of the new exhibit “Vision House” at Innoventions  which is packed full of ways that we can all live a greener lifestyle.

“The purpose of the VISION House in INNOVENTIONS is to present green living ideals in a fun and informative manner.”

As per the previous house you get led through by a cast member who points out all the different features and materials which make this house eco-friendly.
Even though this is a ‘green’ house it still incorporates all the cutting technology you would expect from Epcot including a rather stylish musical toilet by Kohler! Unlike the previous houses featured in Innoventions there are no barriers up so you are allowed to touch the special features and experience the technology first hand during the tour.

Here are some pictures posted yesterday by Kathy Werling for DisUnplugged:

If you can’t get over to Epcot don’t worry you can take a virtual tour of the house which highlights all the special features on the dedicated website

There is also a great video posted up by the guys at InsideTheMagic

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