We know that Disney parks get busy at this time of year but if you want proof that the popularity of the parks isn’t decreasing any time soon, just take a look at the photos appearing on Twitter today.

Have you ever seen a queue this long for Spaceship Earth? It has also been reported that Soarin has peaked a 4 hour wait time! Photo courtesy of @MyThemeParkFan


Getting in to Tomorrowland is a real struggle (photo courtesy of @scarlettashley1)

Make sure to go to the toilet before you go! (Photo courtesy of @scarlettashley1)

Sky 13 took an aerial picture of the Magic Kingdom at present

Apparently the noisemaker, bathroom
and Space Mountain queues are pretty much merging into one (photos courtesy of @scarlettashley1)

The queue for Fish and Chips in the UK Pavilion courtesy of @wdwmom

The queue to enter the parking lot a few hours ago via at TV chopper

There was still space at the Magic Kingdom a few hours ago believe it or not