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It’s not often that my day work crosses paths with my Disney work, but today was one of those moments. My sign related talents were called upon to install some vinyl text in the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. I have to admit that some art I just don’t “get”. Sometimes I feel that if the art has somehow generated a discussion then it has achieved it’s goal. An argument is even better. How can one piece of art generate both sides of a discussion to the point of argument about it’s context.

As I walked back and forth between galleries I spotted a video playing on loop. Quickly spotting the video was set in a theme park. It was something about the purple railing barriers. I thought no more about it until the next passing and it was a lady dressed as Snow White at Disneyland Paris. A “security guard” was talking to her.

From what at first looked like someone’s home movie from the Summer holidays, I became intrigued. I asked the gallery Curator about the piece and he explained a little. The video piece by Pilvi Takala is to show the possessiveness of Disney and “their” characters. The park guest dressed as Snow White is refused entry as they may be mistaken for the “real” snow white.

Snow White
Image copyright Pilvi Takala

After signing autographs outside the park gates a security person is called in to talk with her.

Snow White security
Image copyright Pilvi Takala

Pilva Takala says in the videos excerpt “The Disney slogan “Dreams Come True” of course means dreams produced exclusively by Disney. Anything even slightly out of control immediately evokes fear of the real, possibly dark and perverse dreams coming true.” Check out the website for a short excerpt of the video currently on display at the NGCA in Sunderland. What are your thoughts of the video? What do you think it is trying to discuss?

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One thought on “The Real Snow White”
  1. I haven’t watched the video but it definitely wouldn’t be right to allow guests to pose as characters, it’s one thing coming in fancy dress as a character but signing autographs is another thing all together. Disney have to have control over their characters, someone dressed as a character could say anything to children who will believe they really are that character.

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