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September 27th was an important day in terms of the Walt Disney World Resort. It had been decided that changes needed to be made and this was the day that marked the ending of old events! From what appeared to be know where information was being released piece by piece adding to a growing list of act and attractions that were to close.

On September 27th, The Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios officially had it’s last catastrophe in the canyon.

The Backlot tour had been a staple part of the then named Disney MGM Studios since opening. Guests were shown real behind the scenes details of filming techniques and film development. You actually felt like you were experiencing something very special. The Studios, at the time, was home to the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club and there was potential to see real film production. The streets of America formed part of the tram tour and access was exclusively by tram.
As park demand grew and number of attractions increased the backlot tour changed as did the depth of the behind the scenes aspect. The tour that was closed in September was a fraction of its former self. Although it is very sad to see it go, as there aren’t enough attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It moves aside for the next big chapter in the park. Disney have yet to announce what that is!


On September 27th, Off Kilter were told to Kilter Off.

Off Kilter

Off kilter were formed in 1997 and have been regularly be playing in the Canada Pavilion in Epcot ever since. The Celtic Rock band’s energetic sounds could be heard well beyond their host countries boundary. A blend of bag pipes and electric guitars wowed audiences during their 17 year residence. They had released 5 albums and will be surely missed.

The Mill Stage at Epcot is now home to a Canadian Lumber Jack Show.


On September 27th, Mo Rockin’ will be Rockin’ No More.

Mo Rockin'

Another of the acts to face the chop were Mo Rockin’. The Moroccan in spired belly dancing act that entice audiences with flexibility and rock music. Mo Rockin’ didn’t seem to have the following of Off Kilter, but it is yet another act that will leave a void.

The space will be filled with a Berber music and dance troupe.


On September 27th, the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps stop beating.

Yet another entertainment act to be cut. This time from the American adventure Pavilion. Drums,  Fifes, flags and American patriotism. A fun enlightening musical experience. Gone!


Disney had also cancelled the World Showcase Players, who were based in the United Kingdom Pavilion on September 25th 2014.

The strange thing at the moment is the amount of change that is going on at the Walt Disney World Resort. Why is it all happening now.  Maelstrom in Norway Epcot closed on October 5th. Why are all these closures happening at the same time. I purposely chose not to visit the resort in 2014 as I knew there was a lot of changes happening. Construction in the Magic Kingdoms Hub, Downtown Disney is a construction nightmare. American Idol has just closed down. There is even a rumour the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is closing down in January 2015.

Turns out the construction happening / hoarding walls around the construction sites may be worse in 2015. The cost of vacationing at Disney hasn’t got any cheaper, yet the guest attendance still pays top dollar to walk around a reduced park experience as to previous years.

They say that you can;t make an omelette with out breaking eggs. That is totally true, but it’s a lot less messy when you cook it methodically and not all at once quickly.

Does the construction and entertainment change volume worry you? Will you be delaying your next trip because of it?

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