WIth Disney Cinemagique set to stop broadcasting on March 28th. Here at Disney Brit we thought it sounded strange. Why would Disney decide to stop playing it movies on a continuous loop? Particularly as its the movies that make us spend out money in the shops!

The mystery has now been solved. ON March 28th Disney Cinemagique will stop, but it will be replaces with Sky Movies Disney.


The “new” channel will be available to Sky movie subscribers in both normal and HD versions. You will also be able to view on demand and via Sky Go. The Channel will launch with the UK TV premiere of Brave. According to sky, this deal that is agreed between the two companies is the first time that Disney has been teamed up with another TV movie channel anywhere in the world.


Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies, said:

Sky Movies | Disney will be the home of new and classic Disney and Disney/Pixar movies and will offer all new titles at least a year before other TV channels or subscription services. The combination of Disney’s fantastic movies and Sky’s award-winning innovation means that customers will have the chance to enjoy the very best of Disney on their own terms, whether that’s watching on demand, on the move or in 3D.

There will be more information  as Easter comes nearer, but at least Disney fans won’t be missing out