It is not a surprise to those  who follow Disneyland Paris that the updates to the theme park, big or small, are often reported by fans before they are officially released by Disneyland Paris. Once again, we have a case in point. rirififi74 over on the Disney Central Boards has made an interesting discovery when he took a cruise on the Le Pays des Contes de Fées.

The attraction, which takes guests through miniaturised versions of classic Disney movies, has always had a version of Rapunzel’s castle atop the central mountain but it seems Imagineers have decided to give it a new look. No longer is there a dark, plain, stone clad looking tower, but in its place is a much taller, newer and better looking version. What is more it looks just like the tower Rapunzel lives in in the upcoming Disney animated feature, Tangled.

Photo Courtesy of rirififi74

The old tower, although depicting Rapunzel, was only a fraction of the size and to tie in with the film’s upcoming European release, they have done a great job on recreating the film’s look. Rapunzel is due to hit UK cinemas on the 28th January and is more than worth a look. Check out our film review here

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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