Although not officially announced, it looks like Disneyland Paris are planning on bringing back an old favourite for their summer season. Having been in hiatus for nearly 2 years, the Tarzan Encounter will be making its return to the Chaperal Theatre in Frontierland beginning 11 June 2011.

The show was cancelled back in February 2009 as a result of cut backs in entertainment to allow more emphasis to be placed on the live entertainment for Mickey’s Magical Party. The show was expected to return for the Summer of 2009 but in a surprise change, Disney brought a new show to the theatre, “Goofy’s Summer Camp”. Needless to say, it was not well recieved and never returned for the summer of 2010. For that summer the theatre remained empty for the first time in its history and was only used for Mickey’s Winter Wonderland as part of the 2010 Christmas season.

It wasn’t until this casting call (below) was posted on the Disneyland Paris casting website last week that it came to light Disney were bringing back the old show

The call requires gymnasts and aerial acrobats. It is also asking for leads to audition for Tarzan and Jane too. The contracts are due to begin in May 2011 with the show schedule to run from 11th June – 4th September.

One rumour suggest the return is due to a change to the central hub show for the Magical Moments theme. It is possible that the new show will only perform once in the evening, leaving space for additional daytime entertainment that could possibly utilise the same cast.

Your thoughts?

By Adam

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