We have come to expect some family friendly events from Disney, it is their “thing”. In Orlando, the scarier events are left to Universal Studios and Busch Gardens but in Disneyland Paris it seems things are changing for the better. In October 2010, Disneyland Paris brought back an event they entitled “Terrorific Night 2”. The event, held in Walt Disney Studios Park was aimed at an older audience. It was only the second time they had run such an event after the first was a corporate sponsored night in 2008. Last year saw Disney run the night on 30h October, just one night only. But, it seems the event proved a real success and this year Disneyland Paris have announced “Terrorfiic Night 2011”

There are some changes to this year’s event. Firstly, it seems there is a focus on Zombies. The poster suggest something even more sinister than the previous year. The event will also be run on 2 nights in 2011 perhaps suggesting a bigger budget and (hopefully) bigger scares. These are all great news although there is one changes that makes us feel this may permanent  be line up. Last year could be called a trial to see if there was the uptake and now the event runs with the year rather than a number. Does this mean we will see Terrorific Night 2012 and 13? We really do hope so as this was one fantastic event. Expect this to once again be a hard ticket event with tickets costing somewhere between 20-30 Euros. The event is likely to run between 9pm-1am as it did in 2010 but details about the event are still sketchy.

Did you manage to go to the event in 2010? If not, check out what it is like with our Terrorific Night 2010 highlights:

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