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And on December 3rd 2011, Disney geeks from all over Central Florida descended upon Winter Garden. Theme Park Connection officially opened it’s doors to the public today. For over 15 years, they have been a popular online Buyer, Seller and Trader of Disney items. Now, for the first time, you can visit their warehouse to purchase items from used theme park and resort items to attraction signs to posters to advertisements to toys to pins and other merchandise. You can check them out at and view their extensive eBay auction, but why do that when you can just visit? I spent a few hours at the Grand Opening today sifting through items I have no room for, drooling over items I can’t quite afford and picking up a few things at a great price. I covered every inch of the warehouse… check out the pictures below.
The store is located off a few side streets near the intersection of SR 50 and the 429. Easy to get to for locals, maybe a little off the beaten path for tourists. Here’s a map.
The Grand Opening had great deals like 20% off everything in store, a raffle, free gift and free burgers, dogs, chips and soft drinks!
The place was stuffed to rafters with stuff out back out of sight as well.
Buttons galore! Celebrations of years past. 20 for $10.
2 shelves full of snow globes
A pin traders heaven! $3 a pin and bins to help you sort through them
See what I mean about not having room for some of this cool stuff?
Um, ya. His and hers Haunted Mansion costumes. The hit of ANY Disney fan’s Halloween party.
A Muppets Labs coat!
POTC props
More movie props
Trinkets of all kinds…
…and sizes…
…and for all tastes…
…yes, all tastes.
My favorite things in the building! Now most stuff had great low prices, but these were $1000 a piece. Good news, Theme Park Connection does make deals and will look at your Disney stuff for trades!
Signage, paintings and advertisments
Vintage pictures and magazines
More pin collectors
EPCOT = Awesome
Who doesn’t need a Disney parking sign in their driveway??!!
Like I said, this is a warehouse. You have to do some of the work sorting through things. But people were pulling some great looking finds. These shelves were stuffed with signs and banners.
Resort comforters
Lots of stuffed animals
Hats and other vintage merchandise
Oh ya… I drooled about these on the podcast… trash can logos!
That should be, no MUST be, hanging at the entrance to my home
Rows and rows….
…of  toys.
Mugs and buckets
Random collection of things
Interesting collectible. A stand with menus from all the resort restaurants. Sold as 1 piece… $100.
All hats $5
Buttons 20 for $10
Just coolness
Pens $1
Lanyards $3
It can take a long while to sort through all the posters

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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