This November, one of the most famous residents on Main Street, U.S.A. is opening the doors of his shop. Welcome to Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts, a classic barber shop on Main Street, U.S.A.

Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts is a barber shop on a little street off Main Street, U.S.A. where Domenico not only offers guests his hairdressing/barber expertise, but also a trip back in time. Here, you can enjoy a bit of barber shop harmony as antique barber chairs and memorabilia make getting a haircut the “old fashioned” way a real experience.

Domenico has loved the profession since he was a child in Sicily, where he gave his first shave at the age of 14 in a barber shop where he loved to spend every afternoon. For almost ten years now he has been putting his expertise to work to give guests a unique experience: an old-style shave in a unique setting.

His salon is packed with reminders of the old days, newspapers, calendars, tools and old furniture, bringing back memories of the way of life in the 1800s. The oldest item in the shop is the barber’s chair, which dates back to 1845 and was bargain-hunted in Chicago by Imagineers. A small, intricately detailed potbellied stove adds warmth to Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts. Shaving mugs and nostalgic shaving items, including brushes and special soaps, are available for purchase.

The barber puts customers through all the rituals, making sure to soften the skin with a hot towel, be precise in his movements and apply an after-shave lotion. It’s a treatment that attracts guests, some of whom have become regulars, as more than 25% of Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts’ customers are Annual Pass holders. “One of my Belgian customers told me that he had purchased an Annual Pass so that he could pay me a regular visit. I was very flattered!” said Domenico.

Did you know ?

When guests pick up the receiver of the wall-mounted, hand-crank telephone, they hear Main Street’s latest news and gossip. The plaque next to the phone explains (in French and English): 1910 Telephone Conversation: Listen In! At the turn of the century, when telephones were still new to the American way of life, it was not unusual for four or five households to share a common telephone line, or “party line.” “Eavesdropping”—the act of listening to someone else’s telephone conversation—soon became a favorite pastime.

There are three other party line phones on Main Street: two at the Market House Deli and one at Town Square Photography

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